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JANNELLI & VOLPI: sixty years of history in 2021 (1961-2021)

Jannelli & Volpi celebrates the May 13 Anniversary of with the opening of the new JVstore

Corso Garibaldi 81, Milano | Tel. 02205231 (int. 134) |

Martedì/domenica | h. 10.30/19.30



Jannelli & Volpi continues its Milanese Revolution: after the opening of the JVstudio in Via Statuto 21, the JVstore in Corso Garibaldi 81 open its doors to the public.

The venue has the characteristics of a boutique, with four windows on the street where it offers its expertise in the sectors of wallcoverings, wallpapers and furnishing fabrics, introducing digital consultancy, to meet the needs of private customers allowing a real and virtual visualization.



The interior design is designed by Studio '98, featuring by Clara Bona in collaboration with Guia Bartolozzi.

“I was inspired by the Japanese Architecture, for its elegant and minimal charm. I chose to use a natural wood in birch plywood, for the interior details, which gave a certain brightness, to highlight the colors of the wallcoverings and the furnishing fabrics ". (Clara Bona)



In the material library, in light wood, you will find all the collections of wallpaper and wall coverings belonging to the various company brands.

JV Italian Design - JWall - JV License - Sirpi - JV Exclusive - ArmaniCasa Exclusive Wallcoverings Collection - MissoniHome Wallcoverings - CO.DE Contemporary Design by Jannelli, fully customizable line.


A targeted selection of furnishing fabrics and design products complete the concept. Among these: notebooks, lampshades and American placemats made with discarded wallpaper, poufs and armchairs covered with the precious fabrics of the JVstore selection.

100 notebooks made by different designs of JV Wallcoverings are on Sale during the opening period. Every two months a new product will be launched that will be part of the JVedition collection, of which Jannelli & Volpi is the editor.



The company therefore gives life to a strategy planned in recent years, which completely renews its vision to devote attention, with two agile and targeted spaces, to professionals and the public. The Via Melzo office closes in June for a radical transformation.