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Circular economic program

Innovative project from the wastes of vinyl production for synthetic grass used on sport pitches. Jannelli&Volpi ‘goes green’ and starts a circular economy system, giving a second life to the materials used in the manufacture.

Jannelli&Volpi has been first Italian company exclusively dedicated to the production of thermoplastic organic granules. The project is realized from wastes of vinyl production (with an addiction vegetable base as cellulose fibre) used for synthetic grass surface mainly used on sport pitches.



A Made in Italy technology based on patented process which produces a great sport performances with a very low environment impact product, with high UV and wear resistance, also a lower consumption of water for irrigation.

The thermoplastic granule produced with this process is available in white, emerald green and brown colors, and is inserted in the surface of the syntetic grass. Currently, the main use is related to the world of outdoor sports, but the applications of the material are various: indoor gyms floor for basketball and volleyball training, play areas for children, cycle paths. The surfaces are approved by FIFA and FIGC under the rules of Lega Nazionale Dilettanti. Every year in Italy more than 100 new soccer fields are made, and for each one around 80-100 tons of polymeric granules are used for the synthetic pitch.

The power and the distinctive value of this project is not only about recycling wallcoverings, but 100% of the material will be recycled at the very end of its life, after being used on the synthetic pitch. There’s no cost for dump release. Implementing recovery, reconversion and re-use policies minimizes the environmental impact of plastics and the exploitation of resources, creating a proper coexistence with a material with infinite possibilities. Jannelli&Volpi takes this opportunity to renovate and revolutionize, once again, wallcoverings industry, going forward to a totally new Italian model of circular economy.



Jannelli&Volpi has taken the decision to promote a new vision, leading a modern culture that can create value to the people and for the company itself. New factory in Tribiano becomes active part of the spinneret that guarantees, through a certified and patent process of waste recycling, a circular economy for the wallcoverings industry. Following new EU directives everybody must improve the recycle of wastes reducing them as much as possible. The choice follows the commitment for a way to work and product with respect for the environment, begun with the opening of the Tribiano’s factory in 2014, in the hearth of the Parco Agricolo Sud of Milan.