Wallpaper Land

As in every good story - about a factory - behind a good product there are always stories, faces and hands, working, getting dirty and producing. This story is about the product. The product in the factory. The factory is the place from where stories begin, stories which flow, which are narrated on the rolls, the rolls become wallpaper and travel to reach their destination. To the places belonging to the ones who chose to tell these stories, on the walls of sigle architectures. Here is where the “Wallpaper Land” event begins. From wanting to tell the stories behind the curtains of a factory - which gained success in the wallpaper field thanks to its Italian spirit and to the high-technology productivity and has been exporting its products all over the world for the past sixty years. This year Jannelli&Volpi tells about its production process, putting it at the centre of its fuorisalone event, with Wallpaper Land. Art Direction: Matteo Ragni Studio



On the second floor, the main show - JV Wallpaper Factory - it’s based on three key elements: sound, decoration and color. The sound represents the central point of the process: the production of wallcoverings. This story is told by Lorenzo Palmeri’s music, which reproduces the background music that is heard when approaching the machinery and by the close-up videos, taken from the factory equipment during the different stages of the printing process, by Alessandro Gentile. The decoration is immediately perceived when stepping into the Gallery - the main space of the Wallpaper Land - stands out on a kind of “Terracotta Army” made up of pedestals on which the printing plates stand. In a staging which presents some of the new collections proposed at the Fuorisalone, among which Escher®.Last but not least color, told thanks to the panels standing at the sides, with a ad-hoc wallpaper, inspired by on of the “Metamorphoses” from the Escher® collection.



On the same floor JV Open Lab is introduced, a welcoming place meant to become the focal point during the course of the year, with a moodboard showing the 2018 wallcoverings. The milanese headquarters will also undergo a transformation regarding the trading spaces open the public. With a new structure for the showroom. The new format that the company decided to give to the contract space - wich will permanently occupy an entire room on the first floor - is meant to be a meeting point between the production phase and the product, for professionals and contract spaces. The project was designed with the collaboration of Matteo Ragni Studio, as shown in the following image of the JV PROJECT LOUNGE



At JV Store a scenographic set-up with Wallcovering Marimekko® and with the innovations from the design world, by Dario Zordan. Finally - on the ground floor - the JV showroom with wallpaper and furnishing fabric novelties.

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