Virginio Briatore, Jannelli&Volpi and Super join forces for the ‘Milano Backdrop’ project

Milan, 12 June 2020

Virginio Briatore, Paola Jannelli-Jannelli&Volpi and Stefano Mirti-Super were jointly inspired to come up with the idea of visually customising backgrounds, reflecting this period of epoch-defining changes that also affect the way we work.

The trio behind the concept discussed it and brought their respective skills to the project, combining their ideas to devise the ‘Milano Backdrop’. Then came a collaboration with , which will go online from 15 June with Fuorisalone Digital and will also include the ‘Milano Backdrop’ available to download free of charge.

What does it involve? Super, along with Virginio Briatore and Stefano Mirti, selected 12 graphic designers and asked them to design either 1 or 2 patterns or 1 or 2 murals (preferably along with 1 setting) suitable for customising a personal computer or smartphone. A custom virtual background is more useful than ever in this ultra-digitalised era of videocalls, webinars etc. Given the expertise of the company she represents (Jannelli&Volpi), Paola Jannelli provided the technical know-how to produce the backgrounds.

The designs are available to download free of charge for personal use only, across different devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet).

These are the names of the 12 designers who worked on the project:



Francesco Bedeschi - Download






Matteo Bersotti - Download






Luca Boscardin - Download






Matteo Cattaneo - Download






Francesca Dainotto - Download






Mariagiovanna Di Iorio - Download






Marina e Annalisa Durante - Download






Francesco Forcellini - Download






Cecilia Marra - Download






Raikhan Musrepova - Download






Mariangela Savoia - Download






Umberto Tolino - Download


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