Mathematics i.lab wear Jannelli & Volpi’s “tailor made” wall paper

Jannelli&Volpi decorates the walls of 'i.lab Mathematics', the room dedicated to the Mathematics Lab at the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci (Via San Vittore 21, Milan). The official inauguration of the i.lab is expected on 20thNovember 2017 (although the opening is scheduled on 9thOctober 2017).The walls of the new laboratory - an area of 100 sq.m at the 2nd Level of the Main Building of the Museum – will be covered by a special wallpaper created by the Creative Department of the Museum: white hexagonal motif on a blue background.
The coating, made by Jannelli&Volpi thanks to 'JWall tailor made custom in non-woven fabric, wraps the walls of the room.All the outfitting plays with the figure of the hexagon by leveraging on the aesthetic and playful component of the geometry.The new 'i.lab Mathematics' of the Museum looks like a next generation bar with parquet and design tables, and it will be part of the permanent offer of the Museum. It is an informal space that allows participants to have a relaxed approach, contrasting the prejudices that everyone has in relation to mathematics. The museum, officially inaugurated on 15th February 1953 with the exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci, is one of the most important in Europe and worldwide. It is also Europe's leader in informal education, and today counts 13 interactive workshops.


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