Preview Salone 2019 - CO-DE

New Brand CO.DE, Contemporary Design by Jannelli.
A proper innovation for Jannelli&Volpi, which begins this project with an autonomous path, which presents a single handler and a varied distribution channel. The new Unit is completely dedicated to the world of contract and to professionals – in order to satisfy the requests coming from both big construction operations and private citizens, with tailor made projects – proposing a unique range of products with a high decorative potential which stand out thanks to colours, materials, designs and technological innovation. It’s all about customised - and non-customised – wallcoverings, which allow for the choice of fixture and are characterized by important technological innovations. All the products (including the esteemed natural fibres such as: silk, raffia, linen) can in fact be treated with special finishing making them suitable for spaces of high traffic or humidity.

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